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innovation, in genomics

nico innovagroup has established, holds and controls the innovative Italian start-up innovagenome S.r.l. and its US subsidiary innovagenome Inc.,
dedicated to genomics, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence (AI)

innovagenome offers innovative services and solutions in human genomics, in particular for the sequencing, analysis and digital preservation of the whole genome (WGS) and the whole exome (WES), for DNA analysis using GSA and virtual panels and for genomics applied to infertility.

the innovagenome laboratories are based in Europe (in Italy and Germany), for the European market, and in the United States (Maryland and California), for the international market, use the most advanced next generation sequencing (NGS) technological platforms, they process thousands of samples every year and have ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 certification

innovagenome has developed and uses proprietary and highly advanced tools for bioinformatics analysis and artificial intelligence (AI), thanks to which it can guarantee the processing and interpretation of genomic data, the preparation of complete and personalized reports and the safe storage of the digital copy of the genome

innovagenome operates in full compliance with the EU GDPR regulation and the
Privacy Shield, and offers its services all over the world:

the Italian company innovagenome S.r.l. serves the European market, while international operations are managed thanks to the US subsidiary innovagenome Inc.


nico innovagroup S.r.l.
società con unico socio

start-up costituita a norma  dell'art. 4 comma 10 bis D.L. 24 gennaio 2015, n. 3
iscritta nell'apposita sezione speciale in qualita' di start-up innovativa

P.IVA e C.F.: 04020680981
REA: BS 582111
Via Cacciamali 61/I, 25124 Brescia, Italy  
Phone 030 5105566 

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